Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center

Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument Interpretive Center

701 7th Street
Fort Benton, Montana

The Missouri Breaks National Monument Interpretive Center highlights the natural and cultural history of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. Boating information for those floating the Wild and Scenic Upper Missouri River is available, as well as hands-on exhibits about the land, the wildlife and culture of the area.  

  • Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center
  • Chief Joseph's Surrender Rifle
  • The Far West Steamboat Relics
  • Wildlife of the Upper Missouri River Breaks

View the rifle an exhausted and disheartened Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph surrendered on October 5, 1877 to General Nelson A. Miles, at the Bears Paw Battlefield of Montana. Step inside a replica steamboat pilot house, with artifacts from the actual steamboat the Far West.  View a life size version of a Murphy freight wagon that pulled supplies - brought up river on steamboats - to far flung reaches of Montana and beyond.  Come learn about the pallid sturgeon and paddlefish – which have been in the Missouri River since the age of the dinosaurs.

The Classroom features a 3-D model of the Missouri River landscape and incredible images – depicted from Karl Bodmer’s journey up the Missouri in 1833.


Winter Hours
Open by Appointment
Call 406-622-4000 or 1-877-256-3252

An admission fee is charged.  Admission price includes visitation to all museums and venues for two consecutive days.  Free admission is available with a current Federal Pass (Golden Age, Annual Pass, etc.) as well as a reduced area pass fee.  Call to inquire about school programs or group tours. 

For Further Information Contact
The River and Plains Society
P.O. Box 262
Fort Benton, Montana 59442
8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon - Weekdays
Email The Museums Office
The Bureau of Land Management
Missouri Breaks Interpretive Center
PO Box 1389
Fort Benton, Montana 59442
406-622-4000 or

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